How Much Do Curved Stairlifts Cost?

If you live in a home with stairs and constantly struggle to go up and down them, you hvae probably come to the conclusion that it is time to purchase a stairlift. This is good news for you. You will be amazed at how much more independence and freedom you will have once you have purchased and installed a stairlift into your home. Unfortunately, the decision to buy one is the simplest part of the process. You know need to filter through the market to find the right stairlift for your home that meets your unique needs. Many people are unsure of where they should start and find this investigative portion a difficult part. Because there are so many different suppliers providing a wide variety of conflicting information, you may find yourself getting confused. This article is designed to clear the air and help you become more informed about selecting the right stairlift for your needs.

straight stairlift

The first step of the process requires you to determine which stairlift type will work in your home. Since there are only two kinds of stairlifts, this is a simple decision. They are divided into stairlifts for straight stairs or curved stairs. When there are no bends or corners and the staircase goes straight up to the next floor, you need a straight stairlift. Staircases that have twists or corners require a curved stairlift. The curved ones can be custom designed for staircases that have unusual shapes. Custom designed ones will cost more than a simpler straight stairlift. You can request a survey of you home if you aren’t quite sure which type you need. You won’t be charged for the visit. However, keep in mind that they will try to sell you their product while they are in your home. In the beginning, you should listen to their pitch, but plan on shopping for a while to ensure that you will get a good deal.

You can either purchase a stairlift or rent one. The first option is permanent while the second one is for a set period only. You should choose the permanent option if you have ongoing issues with your mobility. However, if you are only temporarily unable to climb the stairs, renting a stairlift for a set amount per month or week can be an excellent choice. Once you are back on your feet, you simply make arrangement to have the stairlift removed from your home. It is less expensive option for short term solutions.

Stairlifts are available either new or used. If your heart isn’t set on getting a brand new one, you should look into getting one that has been fully reconditioned. The only types of refurbished stairlifts available are the straight ones. If this is what you need, you can save quite a bit of money. Since the curved stairlifts are custom made, they are not available for resale. It is possible to buy a seat that has been refurbished if you already have the fitted rail.

Once you have settled on the basics, it is time to look at the different products that will fit your needs. Since most sellers provide free quotes, contact more than one supplier to get a feel for the price point and for what is available. You might want to consider trying one out before you make up your mind about which one to purchase. If you know someone who has one, call them up and ask them what their opinion is. Ask them if they are happy with their purchase, what they payed, and who they purchased it from. Keep digging for information until you feel secure in your decision.

The information in this article will be helpful to you as you begin your search. Hopefully, you will quickly find a stairlift that is just right for you.

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